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when “to blog or not to blog” is the question


I’ve been a terrible blogger this year. I suppose I might do a lot of blogging between now and the end of the year but I doubt it somehow. For some reason 2014 doesn’t really seem to be a blogging sort of year.

It’s not, of course, that I’m not busy living. That might, in fact, be the problem. I’m too busy living to blog. I work. And then I read and make bread and play the piano. And when I DO have a moment of quiet to blog, well, I realise that I don’t want to blog my life for all the world (represented by the thirteen people who visited Hope Scribbles the other day – thank you for coming!) to read.

One of the things I’m busy doing while living, however, is writing. I’m not ready to share all the details yet but I think I CAN tell you that there’s a short novel and a book of short stories scheduled for release in 2015.

Watch this space for more details soon!

hope thou ever

It’s been a bit of a week. Nothing bad has happened. Lots of good things have happened. Hallelujah! And in the midst of it all – the sad tears and the happy tears and the secret wondering where God is to now and whether He really, truly, cross-His-heart cares – I read this …


“Knowest thou not that day follows night, that flood comes after ebb, that spring and summer succeed winter? Hope thou then! Hope thou ever! For God fails thee not. Dost thou not know that thy God loves thee in the midst of all this? Mountains, when in darkness hidden, are as real as in day, and God’s love is as true to thee now as it was in thy brightest moments.”

(Charles Haddon Spurgeon)

thirty for a month

Hello again, dear people who read Hope Scribbles. I haven’t written a lot recently. And by “recently” I mean, well, since April. If you’re still reading, thank you. I appreciate you being here!

Since I last wrote I’ve turned thirty years old and graduated too.

My life has been full of lots of little, everyday blessings too. Maybe I’ll write about some of them here. I don’t seem to have a lot of words at the moment, not for blogging, although I’m busy with a writing project.

Anyway … I’m pleased to report that (predictably?) it’s possible to survive turning thirty and not nearly as stressful BEING thirty as thinking (and worrying) about being thirty!

I think my motto for this new year and decade has been expressed beautifully already:

“So breathe it in and breathe it out
And listen to your heartbeat
There’s a wonder in the here and now
Its right there in front of you
I don’t want you to miss the miracle of the moment …”

(Steven Curtis Chapman)


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